Not like a night terror
Insomnia strikes, a nocturnal error
Brain chemistry out of whack it may be
Or some external force driving me crazy
Rambling poetry comes out of me as I unfocus
Unconcentrated flow like hocus pocus
Magic envelopes me, pushes me forward
Tells me to take it easy or to go on hard
As I feel it climb from my soles on up
I take myself out of the equation so as not to interrupt
Inspired creativity captured on the page I see
Intriguing rhymes and complex schemes unintended symmetry
A flow so neat and versatile, useful
Straight from the universe a cosmic push and pull
I’m more like a chisel than the sculpting man
Just a cog in the wheel of an overarching plan
So my rhymes like innocent crimes seem to terrorize
But with a fresh perspective you must see with new eyes
That my lyrical tapestry is a majestic vision
And so it is to all who adjust their position
The words like mad birds flying back and forth
Me I’m just a messenger for all that it’s worth


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