Eternal Progression

Don’t mind what i say because it doesn’t matter, put your mind over it and your head above the chatter as you look on up and rise to the top you realize there’s no ceiling and that this doesn’t stop though at time the acceleration may make your heart drop, this is the only way you can avoid the flop
There’s no end to infinitely (I’m sure most definitely) The human mind can’t comprehend that which lasts eternally (but that doesn’t mean we can’t discuss it) So sit down and contemplate| and our minds we satiate (that which we extrapolate| about the world and our fate)
Expansive and sweeping the life that we’re leading leads us to conclusions and like rude obtrusions the burst in unexpected and act like we should have known and perfected like none of our actions should be arbitrarily done except for the times when we’re arbitrarily fun the acceleration to the end brings a message we then send
The gift of our intelligence communicated is like ordering at the table when we’ve been waited and the one who waits on us is who we must then trust because later the waiter takes an elevator and becomes a self traitor denying that he ever got what he intended to give, he intended to live in such a way to be kind but instead waited too long and ruined his mind
The time is far spent, so little remains, but you have to take time so that you can explain how aeronautics don’t matter to a paper airplane it’s more like that way that you fold paper cranes, origami is one way of your staying sane to create that which has found place in your brain and that which forever might there remain something about which you don’t mind nor complain


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