Built like a wall unyielding
Motionless, hard unfeeling
Reeling from blows
Nobody knows
The pain of the immovable object
The hurt and pain of it, the effect
Athens with the world on his shoulder
Sisyphus keeps on pushing the boulder
A proud tradition
Of the strength rendition
One man, alone to conquer it
Alone to sit and ponder it
Septimus Severus, once a beast of a man
When dying said, “I’ve been everything and nothing’s worth a damn”
Is that the masculine ideal?
To become something unreal?
No, for I am modern man, harkening to legend
Of warriors and fighters, men sent by Heaven
To change and shape the humanity
Though mocked for seeming insanity
The mission is true and will be fulfilled
By the taskman with God’s might instilled
Alone, he stands against Septimus
“I’ve been it all, we must still progress”


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