a really long rap

so this a rhyme, a rhyme to rhyme well
cuz it’s about time; i got a story to tell
lotta people don’t expect me comin outta my shell
but now that i’m out yall better listen as i yell
I got two hands and I got two feet
I got the lyrics and I got the beat
when you hear these honey soaked lyrics it’s like a treat
aint no one else anywhere who can bring it so sweet 
that’s why they call me the candyman, baby
I can bring in the candy like crazy for my lady
Or should I say ladies? Is that too shady?
Oh yes, definitely, no wait it’s a maybe
In 89 i was born in Palo Alto 
Greeted the world with a big old “hallo”
They didn’t think I’d be the greatest dontcha know
But now that i’m grow’d it starts to show
Then I moved to the state of Texas
That’s how I know that I’m the best yes
Living it up and partying down
Texas was like no other place I’ve known
Now I went to college in the state of Utah
Big old mountains like I never had saw
Snow and cold and a real winter there
College parties, I had my share
So that’s where I staid to learn to get paid
To learn the secrets of a trade
Now i’m here to rap and rhyme
To flow all day to pass the time
I write what things come to my head
If my lyrics were bullets then you’d be dead
If my lyrics were money you’d be rollin in bread
If my lyrics were butter they’d be an incredible spread
So now to the point I’m trying to make
I’m simply the greatest and it’s no mistake
Aint nobody else can even touch me
I’m the greatest that is plain to see


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