ice pick in the mailbox

You really think so?
Think i can get into this and change the lingo
I’ll make my mark like a dog in the park
Tearing through leash law and social faux paws
Pissin on a tree, marking territory, you see
Primal impulses to convulses the emotions
A big ocean, pissing in it like a dirty pigpen, a den of thieves
That’s reality; no it’s a fallacy to believe
Everything we see on TV it’s so crazy so hazy to be about doing stuff ably
Because maybe the cash money prize is in store
Money or dignity, what’s worth more?
That’s why Im in this rap game, To win it, not for money or cuz i’ve got business sense
But to get my message out to the whole world
It’s not too late to save it, listen to my word for me to be heard
Listen to my word it’s gold my flow ice cold
Put all your worries on hold to get my records sold
So I can get bankrolled, more money in my billfold but it don’t really matter
Makes me madder than a hatter stepping up to the plate like a batter
So sweet I’m like cake batter so loud I rise above the chatter
Point is I’m spittin like rhymes are stapled to my teeth
Rhymes clogging my air way making it hard to breathe
Sp I put the rhymes down onto a sheet
To make my mark as part of the elite
Call me loco or crazy basically listen you know I am baby
I just gotta express this intangible interest and arrest your mind
Making lingo changes, park marking like a child genius
A super whiz kid that’s what it is, thats what I am
When you hear my words make you shut up like a clam
No more critics criticizing or hating from haters
I’ll deal with you later coming back from the dead like a ghost darth vader


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