Collection vs. creation

Life is not about collection. It’s about creation. Art, science, etc, they’re just different manifestations of human creativity. Often it feels we get caught up in the collection part of it. It’s necessary to collect to create, but too often we cease creation in favor of collection, for the immediate gratification, the rush of happiness when we have something.

We decide that some things are good enough as they are (i.e. as we receive them) and place the joy of getting above that of the joy of creating. It’s not a good thing to be caught up in. I myself collect notebooks and scribble, write, jot, draw, sketch and so forth in them constantly yet I have not filled but a handful because I move on to the next one too soon.

If you observe the Book of Mormon cultures, it is precisely when they begin to wear their gain- no longer create and use, but simply display, that they fall. This is because they go from creation to collection with the vain and costly apparel. They cease to labor for sustenance and to provide and begin to labor to have and revel in excess. This is also the case when they begin to create evil things rather than good. When your works are evil, you are evil and have no part in God’s grace until you repent and create good. 

So what is our focus on? Are we building up Zion? Or are we collecting brownie points by attending meetings, reading scriptures, etc. In addition to Who am I, Where did I come from and where will I go, I add this corollary: Am I becoming what I am supposed to and not just acting how I’m supposed to act?


1 Response to “Collection vs. creation”

  1. 1 Paula Thornton October 20, 2008 at 3:48 am

    It was a strong part of some American Indian cultures to give one’s wealth away.

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