just a note

i imported all the old kerouac stuff now, so you can go back and look at it. i will be publishing 5-10 of my newer poems and so forth in the next while. seems appropriate that with the import, this is post number 50.

“Best of”
Frustrations Probably the closest thing to a Love poem I’ve written
Beat The very definition of how I live 
Rollin Through This is one of the first things I wrote, took forever to put it online
Omtopable Definitely a great word I made up, meaning “the time between starting and beginning” 
Madness Without a doubt the best thing I have ever written 


I’m also really really ready to go back to the field. I had a lot of inspiration out there that I don’t have here. Too many distractions and unnecessary indulgences on my part. My wound is progressing nicely- recovery is slow and boring, but still in progress. 

Working on:

-More poetry
-The walk pt 2
-Notebook work
-quote compilations
-various sketches
-religious piece on self-deprivation for enlightenment

Read, weep, inspiration.


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