My Lost theory

Okay, I think I’ve got it. 

Richard Alpert is one of the survivors of the Black Rock. The island has preserved him as a means of bringing people to the island. He works in tandem with Jacob, the “good” part of the island. While on the island he and his fellow Black-rockians discovered more and more about its special properties. Magnus and Richard were especially keen to the island. We know Magnus’s progeny would later establish places on the island to test and measure the special properties. Could Magnus be Alvar, preserved by the island in time? Alvar is a part of the Life Extension Project.

More on the Good part of the island- the monster exists to protect, and might have even been created by these same people. So, the original inhabitants of the island and the Dharma initiative are related, but must maintain a delicate balance- the idea of good and evil. Dharma could only observe what “the others” knew already, the others had to pretend to be disinterested. Eventually the original others realized Dharma was becoming defunct, overthrown by the evil Dr. Mittelwerk. Thus they eliminated the original Dharma, severing whatever ties he had to get to the island.

The Bad part of the island is now Matthew Abbaddon under the orders of Charles Widmore. Widmore knows where the island was because his company was contracted out by Dharma to build the stations (theory). He needs to get to the island to control its properties and understand more about the power it has. He and Mittelwerk are in cahoots. Ben, as a “good other” like Richard, wants to stop Widmore. He cannot kill Widmore as the evil part of the island preserves Widmore just as the good preserves Ben and the Oceanic 6.

Season 5: the Oceanic 6/Ben/Richard Alpert are in a battle of time and an attempt to return. Sun is on her own trying to get her way back however possible- even using Mr. Widmore, to get back to her husband. 

On the other side is Abbadon/Widmore/Mittelwerk. They are working to discover the island before the others so that they can manipulate the islands powers for evil. Or is it for good? Are they trying to use the island to prevent the Valenzetti Equation? Who knows. I don’t claim to.


So that’s the race to the island, obviously they will both reach it, but we don’t know at what time they will reach it. Needless to say, it’s going to be amazing.


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