the great departure

Standing on the shore, watching the coast fade slowly away.
I’m watching everything I was melt away to nothing.
I don’t know if I’m ready to leave and let it go
But I do know that this is the most important thing.
I don’t suppose when I’m back I’ll be the same
but I do know I cannot come back without a mighty change.
I suppose it all makes sense, growing up and changing
Dealing with more as life’s challenges grow anew.
One Dan is gone, set with the sun
One Dan to rise when the night is done
A great trip lies ahead, and I’ve come prepared
Though a part of me lies dead, I’ll be more upon return.
You see growing up is the slow death of our childhood
Scary, I know, to face yet it is the only way
A grain to not fight against
A rockwall to climb, a river to ford
I suppose when I return I’ll know better
Be stronger and wiser and kinder
Cast off the child who I was
And become the man I’m destined to be
Watch for my return
See if you recognize me


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