time to start punching people in the face

I’d like to link to the article, but it contains an unfortunate amount of inappropriate language, but that aside, it makes a terribly good point. We’ve taken a good amount of the violence out of our society- that is, bullying, fist fights, bar brawls, etc. They still happen, of course, but they’re viewed as social disfunction rather than a release. All of our violence now comes set to a beat or put up on a screen.

Think about Fight Club. It was so wildly successful because it hit a nerve with America. People who watched it realized they wanted to go beat people into the ground, then when the person taps out, shake hands and go on their way. It was real. It was a connection that people don’t have right now. Think of the popularity of UFC, violent video games and media. It’s because people have this violence hole in them, and we’re trying to fill it.

I advocate punching people in the face, but only those who deserve it. The kind who come into a (non-theme) party dressed the exact same way as five of their friends. The kind who stand with their arms crossed and their head turned up. And then, appropriate beat downs should take place only after repeated offenses.

I’m a generally very nice person, but seriously, some people need to be taken care of.


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