the book

I’m working on a novel right now so any poetry put up here will either be entirely spontaneous, as normal, or old poetry that i’ve run across. Unfortunately my greatest bit of work right now is a rather somber and terrible look at what could one day be. It is, I feel, worth reading in spite of the outlook and preliminary stages. It will be, no doubt reshaped and rewritten countless times.

No one else knows me like I do
My life is not quite through
Bringing it back with some success
That’s why i keep pushing through

It’s true I dropped out of college
Stopped learning the knowledge
Started hitting the bottle
Just kept playing the lotto
With hopes of hitting it rich
Still flipping the switch
Makes me rethink who I am
Made me realize I’m a man
And I can do what can
Stand up, declare I am Dan
It’s time to take a stand

I’m up on top of my game
No one else quite the same
And I mess with your brain
I make you go insane

Back on my feet
Back off the street
Felling the rhythm
And making the beat
From your head to your feet
Music makes your heat beat
And you know that it’s true
This effect I have on you
Though I was was down and out
Now I stand up and shout
I’m the greatest cuz you know truth will out


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