the freshest

once in my life
i thought of a time
filled with strife
days spent spittin rhymes
chillin in my room
thinking what to do
try to find
what’s new and what’s cool
never had enthusiasm
with my feelings of sorrow
borrowed yesterdays
for my stolen tomorrows
i know im the greatest lyricist
of the mormons there are
sharing memories and feelings
songs of the heart
i just want everyone to know
that when they come to see my show
i want them to be happy
and i want them to shine
i don’t want to be sappy
i’m just feeling fine

the world deserves a positive story
about how a life well lived
can one day bring you glory
they need a life undistracted
cut out of world affairs
less worry all compacted
and less time spent in the air

focused on everything that’s good and real
focused on just exactly how you feel
and if you want to be happy then here’s the deal
life is about living like you’re made out of steel
if you aren’t happy you’re doing it wrong
that’s the message i spit in exactly this song


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