more funk than

Yo i’m the lyric machine
hitting the provo scene
about to explode
you’ll see how i’ve grow’d
from that little rhymer
to a full out lyric dropper
small man to big timer
mopped floors to floor mopper

i’m the one they’ll talk about
swear fight and rave about
shoulda never let me out
cuz hes the one all the ladies care about
and at my show they’ll scream and shout
kickin it up something to dream about

my name in lights
starting fights
living the life of a hip hop artist
cuz you know i go the farthest
and i work the hardest
so if you sit back and just let my try this
maybe you’ll see what it means
cuz i said im the machine
spitting out kickin it real
bustin records and making deals

i’m the only number one
and though i’ve really just begun
you’d best recognize
i got the fire’n my eyes
and i’ll climb to the top
cuz i just won’t stop
and now that you know
i just let the beat drop


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